Schoolhouse Faces: Meet Bria from Team Trade

As a design-driven company, we here at Schoolhouse fret over the smallest details of our own products, so it’s always exciting when our products find their home in spaces designed with an equal amount of intention. Making sure that interior designers, architects, and commercial clients have everything they need to make stunning spaces falls on our Trade Team. This group of multi-talented individuals’ day-to-day work ranges from detailed sales data analysis to recommending the perfect pendant fixture for a client in need.

With an unflappable, upbeat personality and a wealth of design knowledge (not to mention great taste) Trade Specialist Bria Wolter already embodies these qualities. And she’s only been here for a year! More than just admiring her impressive job performance, we here at the Schoolhouse headquarters value Bria for always bringing energy, positivity, and engagement to the office. Since she’s such a joy to have around and such a boon to our clients, we asked her to share more about herself.

What’s your role here at Schoolhouse? How do you help designers and trade clients?

"I get to work as a Trade Specialist. As a part of the trade team, I have the chance to help clients with everything from product questions and placing orders to dreaming up how Schoolhouse could be a part of their next project. My day to day really depends on the clients’ needs. To put it simply, my role as a Trade Specialist means I work to make sure that designers, architects, contractors, and other trade clients have the tools they need to beautifully integrate Schoolhouse into their projects."

Tell us a little bit about your background.

"I grew up in Southern Oregon. We had a mini farm, so I got to hang out with horses, chickens, pigs—all the fun stuff. We were always running around as kids, but I loved to slow down and watch my mom cook. She would invite people over for these gourmet meals and focus on every detail. I still have a love for food and parties that I completely attribute to her. I never really knew what I wanted to be when I grew up, so when I ended up at the University of Oregon studying Public Relations, I even surprised myself! Still, studying people and how they relate to business turned out to be a great fit. I never really thought I would live in Portland, but in May of last year I got married and made the jump up! That’s when I found Schoolhouse through friends we have that also love and work for the company."

What led you to Schoolhouse?

"Once I learned about Schoolhouse, I was led to work here by a couple things. The first draw was what appeared to be a creative environment. From sales to marketing, you will find creatives in every corner. It felt exciting to get the chance to be around people who are inspired by stories and excited to try new things. I was also drawn to the community, and the excitement of a business that is just getting started. The future felt wide open with Schoolhouse." 

Walk us through a typical day for you.

"Well, a typical day starts with email. Glamorous, I know. But it is important for us to start the morning making sure we respond to any questions and make sure anything urgent is taken care of. Once responses have been sent off, I spend time working on a variety of projects for our department. We have a lot of exciting stuff in the works right now, and it is fun to be on the development side of the growth. Aside from those things, my schedule changes daily. Some days there are meetings with clients, team projects, company events. It keeps me on my toes, and that’s how I like it."

What’s your favorite part of your job?

"Short answer? Schoolhouse people. My team is super great. They will always help with the work load, encourage creativity, and recommend a great podcast. Our office is small, which is cool because we really do get to build a little family as we spend our days together. We also have amazing leadership."  

What have been some of the most exciting or rewarding projects you’ve worked on?

"I’m working on a project right now with our design specialist, Elizabeth. I think it is my favorite one yet. We are getting to help specify products for a Schoolhouse apartment experience, and it is SO fun to get to dream up how Schoolhouse can be used in every room of a space. Projects where I get to help make our clients’ dream spaces tangible, those are really fun ones for me." 

What are your favorite Schoolhouse pieces?

"The dreamy pieces for me are the Jack Loveseat in Blue Wool, the Matter Lamp, the Shelby Mod Pendant (in white specifically) and the Columbia Cargo Print."

In what types of projects do you find Schoolhouse products shine the brightest?

"I think Schoolhouse products shine in projects that care about 'wow factor.' Schoolhouse elevates those spaces that are already loaded with intention. To give a couple tangible examples: the Atticus Hotel and Angela Medlin’s home that we showcased in our last catalog. If your project is creative, detailed, and not afraid to stand out, I think Schoolhouse products will shine."

What are you most looking forward to about continuing to work at Schoolhouse?

"I’m looking forward to learning. I have so much to learn, and many amazing people to learn from, so I’m looking forward to growing. As Schoolhouse grows we get to push limits and try new things, and I get to grow in the process. That’s exciting."


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