Schoolhouse Art Studio: Lulie Wallace

Schoolhouse Art Studio was conceived from a desire to celebrate creative expression and the important role that art plays in the making of the home. In this new series, we handpicked five independent artists to create one-of-a-kind works of art that will be enjoyed for generations to come. Below, Lulie shares with us her process, inspiration and the role art plays in her own home.

How would you describe your work and yourself as an artist?

"I am wildly in love with color both inside the studio and out!  I am constantly taken back by color in nature and am always looking for a way to boldly arrange a subject on my canvas. I love art down to my smallest pinky toe and feel very blessed that my audience lets me do it as a full time gig!"
What does your creative process look like from start to finish?

"I am pretty routine at this stage.  I get to the studio around 9:45 every morning and leave around 3:15 and just put in the work.  After my morning chat with my assistant and graphic designer, I try and have paint on the canvas by 10:30 and break for lunch."

What do you hope to communicate, or have people experience, with your art and this series in particular?

"I love gatherings and one of my ideal evenings is around a large table with a group of people in good conversation!  I love arranging a table like a piece of art and I feel like this series is a lively combination of both these loves!"

Are they any rituals or routines you follow while creating?

"I always have sparking water and if I paint a vase of flowers once and love it, it's highly likely that I'll paint the same vase again to enjoy it twice."
What role does art and design play in your own home? Do you have favorite artists; do you collect paintings or create special works for yourself or friends & family?

"My home is a pretty eclectic mix of color and is a very warm and cozy space for me.  The vast majority of art in my home, I have a connection with the artist in some way, most being local to the Charleston area.  My home is filled with my textiles and my wallpaper is up on my daughter's room."

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