Nested Yellow

It's been nearly a year since we launched our first jewelry collection, and one of our favorite things about our line of jewels is the artists behind them. We've had the opportunity to work with designers from both near and far, and we're always uncovering talented artists on our search for unique and American-made pieces.

Anna Vasquez of Nested Yellow is a jewelry designer working right in our backyard in Portland, Ore. Anna's design aesthetic and her ability to mix the new with the old immediately caught our eye. Like us, she sees beauty in the perfectly imperfect.

Anna's Herkimer Diamond Stud Earrings have been a mainstay in our jewelry collection for some time now, and we're currently working together on a few jewelry pieces for our upcoming Fall '15 line. Below, Anna gives us a glimpse into her jewelry-making world...

How did you become a jewelry designer?

"I started my journey as an architectural designer, which fortuitously led me to becoming a jewelry designer.  At just the right time and place my creative passions aligned and took me deeper conceptually to forge connections with others on a sentimental level through designing love tokens, designing thoughtful packaging for the sheer joy of receiving, and writing poetic stories for each piece that reflects love and beauty."

Where do you find inspiration?

"Inspiration is all around us. Finding it is a matter of becoming present and open to it by taking the time to be silent so that it may be authentically heard. Many times it flows through me on walks through the forest or during the process of creating when it becomes alive by forging together the symbolic expressions of the harmony in nature, the expansive cosmos and the many facets of love."

What’s your favorite thing about working in the jewelry business?

"Wow, there are many. The breadth of process, the flow of creating and offering of your creation are all sentimentally valuable, but my favorite thing about my work is that it reflects someone’s feelings, stories and dreams. But it goes beyond the creation of the piece. I also enjoy packing their box of jewelry so that when it arrives and they open it they feel it radiating with lots of care and love. It’s all embodied through caring about the details."

What is your all-time favorite jewelry piece you’ve made?

"My all-time favorite pieces I have made seem to be engagement rings.  Each one is unique and accompanied with a love story. I have acquired a beautiful collection of romantic, adventurous and funny stories which others share with me when we meet or send messages back and forth as they are preparing to propose. They come to me with so much excitement and love after searching far and wide for a special symbolic love token that resonates with their heart. It feels oh so good."

What artists do you admire when it comes to design?

"I find myself admiring the architectural details of Peter Zumthor and artisans who authentically express themselves through refined detailing and craftsmanship with space for a perfect imperfection to occur through the making process and the nature of the material."

What jewelry trends are on the horizon for 2015?

"Quite possibly jewelry that expresses our natural beauty with something simple, balanced and timeless. I sense there is a lot of aligning and discovering of our true authentic selves and we are wanting to express ourselves through nature, symbolism and ancient cultures."