Justina Blakeney x Schoolhouse: The Collection

Fall has fallen once again and one of our biggest excitements this season is the chance to introduce our long-brewing collaboration with none other than the Queen of the Jungalow herself: Justina Blakeney. Known for her gorgeous patterning work and color-drenched panache, Justina lives and breathes down-home style and soul. Her signature modern boho aesthetic and mix-and-match joie de vivre has earned her legions of fans worldwide, including the Schoolhouse crew. Now, over a year and a half of hard work later, we're thrilled to share with you the fruits of our shared labor: The exclusive Justina x Schoolhouse Eucalyptus Nights bedding collection.


Inspired by the calming properties of eucalyptus, this lush print is available in luxury sheet sets, duvet covers, shams and shower curtains all crafted to the highest quality standards in Portugal. There's so much we love about this particular collaboration. The moody richness of the color palette, the detailed playfulness of the print itself and how together they bring a one-of-a-kind vibe to a variety of spaces. Depending on how you style the pieces, they can read both masculine or feminine (no easy feat for a botanical-themed print). It's Jungalow-meets-Schoolhouse style in the best possible way and we can't say enough about the joy its been to work with a talent like Justina. 

We chatted with Justina a bit about our collab, how she feels running her one-woman design empire The Junaglow and what's new of her ever-widening horizon. 

In 3 words, describe your style:

"Colorful, patternful, Jungalicious"

Tell us about the design process behind the eucalyptus nights collection.

"The design started with a pen and ink line drawing of the Eucalyptus. I love the eucalyptus as a subject because there are so many elements - leaves in all kinds of interesting shapes, eucalyptus seeds, pods, and the flowers. Once the pen and ink drawing was done I pulled in into photoshop to manipulate the placement of the leaves and to play with the colors. We went through multiple versions of the pattern before landing on the perfect one with the right movement. Next I worked closely with the team at Schoolhouse to make sure that the coloring was right for their audience."


Where do you see the print living in your home?

"I love this print! It's so soothing and somehow simultaneously warm and cool at the same time! I could love to see the print all over my house, but especially in our guest room where we already have a lot of blues and teal. If we were to make dish-towels or curtains, the print would look amazing in my emerald-green kitchen, too." 

What's your favorite nook in your own home?

"What I love about my house is that each little nook has its own personality and is super cozy when I'm in different moods. Our TV room cools me down, my bedroom is super sunny and bright, our dining room feels like a cocoon."

Tell us where your passions are taking you at the moment?

"I'm really passionate about the Jungalow right now! I just finished working on a new book that will come out next year and I'm passionate about that too. I'm also passionate about making time for family, actually after this interview I'm heading camping in Malibu with my husband and daughter."

In line with our “Making Home” fall catalog theme, what’s your advice for collecting what calls your name, and making a space that truly speaks to you?

"I would say to allow yourself to grow and change in your tastes and preferences. Sometimes we buy things and then feel like we have to hang on to them. It's OK if you liked something a couple of years ago but you've grown out of it. Make space for new energies in your life and ask yourself if everything in your home reflects not only who you are in the moment, but also who you strive to be."


What designers/artists/makers serve as inspiration to you?

"I was just at a conference and saw Tyra Banks speak. She's not exactly a maker but she is fierce entrepreneur and brilliant with branding and I find her to be very inspiring. As far as designers/artist go, I how Jen from Flea Market Fab pulls together her spaces -- she has an incredible eye. Matisse, Frida Kahlo and Klimt are also perpetual sources of inspiration."

You are a busy lady these days! What keeps you up at night?

"The money part is really stressful. As a business owner and the financial head of our family a lot of people depend on me. When money is tight (and it's often tight) I spend nights crunching numbers and making sure we'll make it through another month without having to take out another credit card."

What’s next for both you and the Jungalow brand? Give us the scoop on what you've got going on for 2017: 

"By next year you will be able to furnish your entire home with goods that I've designed. That totally blows my mind. It's very exciting. The blog (Thejungalow.com) also continues to grow and we'll be launching an online shop soon where, among other things, we'll be selling my artwork and photography." 


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