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Introducing Schoolhouse Virtual Styling Sessions

Introducing Schoolhouse Virtual Styling Sessions

One of our core beliefs at Schoolhouse is that a home should be designed with people in mind. What makes a house a home are the moments that reflect your way of living. From the placement of your wall sconces to the blanket you splurged on simply because it reminded you of your grandmother’s house – these are the kind of styling moments that we aim for and cherish. In these subtle choices, we tell a story of our lives, creating a meaningful and intentionally designed space. In the midst of social distancing and extra hours indoors, now is the time to tackle projects and lean in to the comforts of home. But beautiful interiors do not happen by accident, and the ability to balance function and form is a practiced art that is challenging to master. Which is why this week, we’re excited to introduce virtual interior styling sessions at Schoolhouse. 


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Here to help navigate the decision-making process is Jess Ford, our Interior Stylist. With a background in both fine art and design, Jess is the creative force behind many of our Portland visual displays and comes equipped with a love for interiors that spans a lifetime. From selecting furniture to navigating how to order door hardware, ceiling fans, and the perfect pendant, Jess will not only help style your space but is also here to help you manage your project. To kick things off, we spent the afternoon with Jess and pulled together a quick recap of what happens when you schedule a styling session.


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The Initial Consultation

"The initial consultation will happen over the phone. I start by asking a lot of questions to get to know your style and what you’re trying to achieve. From there, we'll do a virtual home walkthrough and correspond via email. At the heart of it, my creative process is a big collaboration with the client. I am essentially piecing all of the information into a comprehensive, visual document that helps bring your home to life.”

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The Details

"During the second session I'll gather photos, take notes, and create a list of goals and action items. I’ll work through all of the technical aspects too – from measurements to specs, colors, patterns and any other architectural details that create balance. My goal is to provide design options in a clear and streamlined way that will help inspire.”

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Finishing Touches 

"Once the final selections are made, I'll email over a quote so that you can review the items and finalize the order. I'm also happy to serve as your point person for the order – providing updates on the timeframe and answering any questions along the way." 


Project Scope

“The scope of the project can vary greatly, and I’ve learned that no two projects are alike, so I’m very flexible. I’m happy to work with clients outside of the Portland area as long as they provide photos, measurements, and floor plans. Once I get an idea of the scope, I’ll be able to determine the best way to go about your project.”


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 “You can appreciate different types of styles, but that doesn’t mean you need to achieve them all. Don’t get too caught up with trends, follow your instincts, and be willing to adapt your expectations. Also, be honest about what you want. I’m here to help translate what speaks to you the most and figure out how it will work best within your space.”


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