Illustrator Lisa Congdon

We had the opportunity to collaborate with illustrator and fine artist Lisa Congdon on a piece of artwork for our Fall 2013 product line. Our art category allows us to partner with talented artists that we feel passionate about and working with Lisa seemed to be a natural fit.

While Lisa was visiting Portland, she stopped by Schoolhouse Electric and we asked her a few questions about herself and her inspiring work.

 Where do you find inspiration on a daily basis? 

 "I find inspiration in a combination of ways. I have a visual treasure trove. I know where to look. I find inspiration in nature, and vintage design - mid-century and older. I love books, all kinds of them.  I have a huge collection of design, photography and art books. I also really love to travel. I make a commitment to taking one big trip a year. Last year, I went to Paris for 2 weeks and Scandinavia for 3 weeks. This year, I'm going to Portugal and Spain. My travels are incredibly inspiring, both personally and professionally. I've found you can find inspiration and beauty in everything."

 We heard you're a collector, what do you collect? 

"I actually collect so many things that I wrote a book about it! The book is called "A Collection a Day" and it was published in 2010. I photographed one thing from my collection a day for an entire year. I have a lot of little vintage things like stamps, luggage tags, old sewing supplies, and Scandinavian enamelware."

 What was your inspiration behind the sailboat print?

 "I worked on a project last year where I hand-lettered a quote every day. I would sometimes draw something to go with the quote. I turned this project into another book called "365 Days of Hand Lettering" which will be available in the Spring of 2014."

You're from San Francisco but have a strong relationship with Portland. What do you love about both places? 

 "The Bay area has always been home to me. I love its landscape, the proximity of the mountains to the ocean and the architecture. It's a really diverse place. What I love about Portland is that it's very similar to the Bay. You can be who you are - open to express yourself the way you want. And, there are a bunch of weird people in both places. I love that and mean it in the best way. I also adore how ruggedly beautiful Portland is. You have all of the seasons, and it's also where my family lives and the city just feels very comfortable and cozy to me."

What's your favorite Schoolhouse product? – besides yours of course! 

"I really love the gray teapot! I have a red kitchen and I love that it has a touch of red. I also like the idea of having a teapot that you can fill up and drink for hours…especially now that it's cold outside."

Thanks again for stopping by, Lisa. We're grateful for your partnership and we truly admire the creative energy you bring to your work!