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Fresh Perspective: 2021 Interior Inspiration From Our Stylist

Fresh Perspective: 2021 Interior Inspiration From Our Stylist

As 2020 comes to a close, many of us are looking forward to starting the new year afresh. And while most of our holiday will involve sitting at home, hot cocoa in hand, we will be saving some mental space to dream of the possibilities a new season brings. After a year that forever altered the meaning of home, 2021 invites us to invest in creating a mindful space where warmth and coziness abound. So, to wrap up the year and celebrate the next, we asked our Stylist Jess Ford to share some interior inspiration for 2021.


bedroom with a bed and a shelf with a painting on it
Via @banyanbridges


1. Neutral with Pops of Color

Much of my inspiration is rooted in a reflection of the past year and hope of what's to come. Our homes have become our safe-havens, and we've shifted our focus from hosting others to asking ourselves what makes our space feel comfortable. Layering in colorful, character-filled pieces bring joy and help our homes feel like our own. 


illustration of a person laying on a bed

bedroom with a bed desk and a chair and two lamps

Pegge Hopper, Architectural Digest


2. Nature Tones: Greens & A Warm Palette 

For many of us, this past year has reshaped our priorities and sparked reorganization. We've taken stock in what matters most and found much-needed rest in nature. Next year, we'll continue to introduce more life into our homes in the form of warm tones and fresh greenery. 


room with a desk and a chair and a green door

Catherine Sterling-Binda entry hall


3. Looking Forward to Fun 

I also anticipate an abundance of fun-filled spaces for 2021 - gallery walls full of pictures and objects that spark joy. I look forward to more pattern play, a mix beats match mindset, and not taking everything so seriously.


artwork hanging on wall above a vase of flowers
Artist Isabelle Feliu's Oslo apartment 


4. Bold Textures & Natural Elements

In line with having more fun with our spaces, 2021 will be full of bold elements sprinkled throughout our homes. Natural materials and textures will work alongside pieces that pop -  keeping the overall feeling of serene while simultaneously adding more character and life into the picture.


room with a couch and a table with pictures on it

room with a table and chairs and a large bookshelf

Via Jeanne Brenner, Bibliostyle by Nina Freudenberger


5. Mixing Style Points 

I hope to see a mix of style points next year. For many of us, 2020 re-defined what it means to share a space with our partners, families, and roommates. I’d love to see combinations of different style points in the new year (traditional with modern, neutrals with color statements, etc.), allowing spaces to continue to shift while also remaining timeless.


living room with a couch and a table
Georgia O'Keefe's Sitting Room
room with shelves and books
Via @Haarkon_


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