Maker Spotlight: Egg Press

Kara Yanagawa and Tess Darrow of Egg Press are long-time Schoolhouse creative collaborators. They are the designers behind our best-selling dot sheet setsThey are also incredibly talented letterpress greeting card creators. And, on top of all this, they are our well-loved third-floor neighbors in the Schoolhouse factory. We visited Tess and Kara in their studio (which boasts vintage presses + thousands of cards) and asked them a few questions about working at Egg Press.



Where do you find inspiration?

"We are often inspired by vintage textiles, but books and thrift stores also seem to ignite good ideas."


Given that you two sit right next to each other, you clearly have a good working relationship. What's it like to work together?

"We both really understand the Egg Press brand, which is reflected in our consistent design and aesthetic. We throw out all the rules and just focus on good design. There's no real method to what we do, but often times, it starts with Tess' hand illustrations and then we brainstorm color and copy together."


What is your all-time favorite Egg Press card?

"Ohhhhhh! There are so many, it's hard to choose. One card that comes to mind is the Love + Gratitude Heart card. It's versatile and can be given anytime during the year."


What companies do you admire when it comes to design?

"We love Marimekko, Purl Soho, and Muji. What do they have in common? They make incredibly beautiful and functional products."


What's the best part about your job?

"Our jobs are truly fun! We enjoy working together and love that each day is unpredictable. We have no set routine, but there's magic in the every day around our studio. It's fulfilling to see a project go from an idea to an actual product that's printed on one of our presses. Seeing one of our designs in the flesh is often times the best part of our day - it's almost always better on paper than it looks in our initial sketches and computer screen."