Designer Spotlight: Logan Killen Interiors

New Orleans-based interior design studio Logan Killen Interiors was founded in 2012 by Katie Logan LeBlanc and Jensen Killen, two designers who are bringing a new era of Southern ambience to their customers’ private residences and boutique commercial spaces. Never afraid to use bold color, texture, pattern, and material, the duo manages a variety of eclectic influences with a breezy confidence. We caught up with them to chat about what drives their design and décor.  

How did you both get started in interior design?

"There were certainly hints that it would be our chosen profession as children, but we both became more serious about it while studying interior design in college. We opened our own studio together in 2012 and fulfilled our dreams of opening our own retail store, Sunday Shop, in 2016."

You work out of New Orleans which, considering the history, location, food, music, and culture, is such a fascinating city. Does the city play into your work, and if so, how?

"This city is unique, growing, and so much fun! We are blown away by the style that is emerging and becoming specific to this amazing city. The influences come from everywhere, but we feel like what we are seeing pop up is really something totally new. We think what always strikes people who visit New Orleans and then never leave (this happens often) is its authenticity. People are just real here. We are an inclusive bunch, but we think there is a collective feeling of 'if you don’t like it, you can leave.'

That, and our mix of cultures, has always lent itself to some truly original art, food, and music. We feel like that idea is making its way into fashion and interiors. There are so many amazing boutique hotels popping up, unique shops, and creatives at large. It is hard to keep up! The laid back and eclectic nature of the city also lends itself well to the Sunday Shop and LKI aesthetic— blending a bit of southern tradition with an easy west coast vibe."

What are your favorite materials to work with?

"Tough question! Pulling fabrics is actually one of the most fun and freeing parts of the design process, but we think looking for the right piece of stone for a countertop or furniture piece is probably our most favorite experience."  

How do Schoolhouse products fit into your designs?

"We love mixing dramatic qualities with humble ones. Schoolhouse light fixtures are always perfect for a simple, beautifully made element. We use both the classic options as well as the more modern options depending on the project. We are obsessed with your cabinet hardware too! So simple and perfect." 

It seems like many of the spaces you work in start with “good bones.” How important is to start with interesting architecture in a room when creating a beautiful space?

"We have been lucky to work in some beautiful homes for sure! Often, we have to find those good bones under many layers of terrible renovations. However, we honestly think you can fix almost any space with paint, good lighting, cozy textiles, art, and plants."  

Who are some artists or creative people who inspire your process that aren’t designers?

"Jamie Beck of Ann Street Studio and Garance Dore."

Are there any underrated design trends from the past you’d like to see make a comeback?

"Chintz and the color mauve."

Are there any currently popular trends that you’ll be glad to see go away?

"Mainstream bohemian; use Moroccan poufs with care!"

Finally, what’s the most rewarding type of project for you?

"Having a client that really trust us and allows us to do our best job usually means they are really happy in the end. Happy clients are hard to beat! We think the most rewarding project for us though is our studio space and Sunday Shop, our retail space. They are housed in the same building. We were able to flex our muscles with colors and materials creating our dream space... and we get to be in it every day."




Images via Logan Killen Interiors