Artist Jen Garrido

Throughout spring and summer, we have been making a point to slow down and take stock in our relationships. Every launch gives us an opportunity to partner with talented artists and makers both within our community and beyond. Our latest product line involved a handful of incredible designers, including Jen Garrido who designed our exclusive Catalina Blossom print. 

Based in the San Francisco area, Jen hand painted a gorgeous and rich blue floral palette for us which we used to create a versatile bedding and bath assortment. Her Catalina Blossom line is perfect for layering with other prints and colors in our collection. We invited Jen to share with us about how she slows down and how that mindset relates to her life and her work:

How did you get involved with your craft? What advice can you give to other makers out there?

"I entered college as an art major and it was there that I found painting. I don’t really know what my advice would be. I suppose I’d say if making makes you feel good, just work hard on it!"

What are some of your favorite moments while making your craft?

paint, what the paint does, always learning something new ..."

In line with our Slowing Down theme, if you took tomorrow 
off and spent it by yourself, what would your day look like? And, how would this day make you feel?

"I’d hike, thrift and be in the sun. I’d feel refreshed!"

What projects are on the horizon for you?

"With my friend Lena Corwin I am working on a line of clothing for women and kids called See Sun due to launch summer, I’m always working on Jenny Pennywood and Jen Garrido."